Frequently Asked Questions

Book Making

What software is used to make the yardage books?

We do not use any proprietry or expensive software! In fact, we use two freely available programs: Inkscape and Google Earth.

How will I learn to make a yardage book?

The tutorials are presented as a series of videos, each instructing you on a specific step in the book making process.

Are templates provided?

Yes! We have templates for various book sizes depending on your needs. Both 9 and 18 hole templates are provided.

How long does it take to make a yardage book?

Once you master the basics, creating a book should take roughly 5 to 6 hours.

Will you make a book for my home course?

We do not directly take orders for books, however you can put in a request for your course. If one of our book creators picks up the request, you will be notified that the book is available for purchase.

Book Selling

How much are yardage books sold for?

Each seller is able to set the sale price of their books. 3 Up Golf charges a base fee of $5.00.

What are the fees to list a book for sale?

Our payment processor, Stripe, charges 2.9%, plus a fixed $0.30 component.

How do I get paid for a sale?

Sellers must sign up for an account with Stripe. Stripe handles transaction details and payment to sellers via checking account ACH.

How are books printed?

3 Up Golf will print and bind books for orders. Books are individually packaged in resealable plastic bags.

How are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped via USPS standard post.

Do I retain ownership of my yardage book?

Absolutely! 3 Up Golf is purely facilitating the transaction and handling fulfilment. You retain full ownership of your creation.