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Golf Yardage Books

Have you ever wanted to create a golf yardage book for your home course? Perhaps you’ve got a big golf tournament coming up and you’d like to get tee shot carry numbers and chart the breaks on the green complex? Creating your own yardage book is a great way to increase your familiarity with a golf course and to increase your chances at a lower score! 

Create A Golf Yardage Book

Learn How To..

Map Your Golf Course

Use freely available satellite images to map your golf course. Draw fairways, tee boxes, greens, hazards, sand traps, and more, all without the need for on-course scouting.

Measure Yardages

Measure Distances

Using freely available software, you’ll be able to measure exact yardages to points of interest. Cover distances for tee shots, yardage markers, lay-up distances, and approach shot yardages are just some of the numbers that you’ll be able to account for.

Detailed Greens

One of the most valuable assets for carrying a yardage book is to create detailed overview of green complexes. Use your yardage book in conjunction with a pin-sheet to calculate precise carry numbers to your target. 

Who's Using Yardage Books?

Golf yardage books are great for competitive and casual golfers alike. Our tutorials will allow you to customize a yardage book to help you play your best golf. 

  • Club Championships
  • City Championships
  • State Golf Association Events
  • USGA Events
Father-Son Golf Tournament Winners

What You'll Build

Yardage Book Example
Yardage Book Example - Par 3
Yardage Book Tutorial Pin Sheet
3 Up Golf Golf Yardage Book Green

What is included?

Easy To Follow Videos

Learn at your own pace. Every step in the yardage book creation process is broken down into short easy to follow videos.

Book Designer Forums

Participate in private forums for book makers to ask questions, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Pre-Designed Templates 

Our pre-designed templates for layout allow you to skip the mundane parts of making a yardage book. Focus on mapping out your course!

Coming Soon (online marketplace)

3 Up Golf is currently developing the world’s first online marketplace for buying and selling golf yardage books. Simply upload your yardage book to the marketplace and begin selling it to golfers in your area. 3 Up Golf will handle the printing and shipping. Sit back and collect your payments!

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