3 Up Golf

Golf nerds. You know who you are. You love the game more than the regular weekend warrior could ever imagine. Fellow golf nuts - I'm right there with you.

My name is Rob Zimmerman. Having initially started 3 Up Golf as a ball manufacturer several years ago, the business didn't quite pan out*. During 3 Up Golf's first phase, we offered a series of free how-to videos on creating golf yardage books. They were a huge hit.

Fast forward to today. 3 Up Golf has become a central hub for yardage book makers from across the world. The next evolution of the yardage book business was natural: offer a marketplace for creators, like myself, to sell our products. In 2019, 3 Up Golf launched the world's first online marketplace for golf yardage books.

I'm proud of what the 3 Up Golf community has become and look forward to seeing the evolution of yardage book design in the years to come.

Hit 'em well,

Hit 'em well!
*Long time 3 Up Golf customers will likely chuckle here.
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