“Get In The Hole” Guy: It’s Time To Go Home

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You know that spectator. The one who yells some random phrase at full volume during a golf tournament. What’s their motivation? Hopes of getting on TV? Get a rise out of their target player? Impress their half-drunken companions? Regardless, the motivation is always one of a self-centered  nature with no benefit to the golfer.

We all know golf is hard. For touring professionals, it’s doubly so. Add in the increased course difficulty and numerous distractions, their task almost seems unfair. Spectators who are actively trying to derail players have no place in this setting.

Yesterday at the Dell Technologies Championship, I was following the group of Russel Knox, Scott Stallings, and OllieSchniederjans. All 3 players were one under par on their round heading into their third hole of the day, the par four 12th. It was a small group of spectators following the players so the chatter and background noise was minimal. Ollie pulled a 3 wood out of the bag and prepared to let lose. His takeaway smooth, transition locked and loaded, downswing initiated…and then it happened:


The tee shot sailed far left into knee high fescue.
Caddies, players, and spectators immediately turned on the culprit and chastised him.


“What? I said it after he hit it.”


No, you didn’t and your defense is shameless.  You’re a disgrace to those of us who want to watch these masters of their craft. Go home. Nobody wants you here. Anybody who plays golf regularly knows how quickly your swing can get out of sorts. Ollie clearly battled his from that point onward. Ollie went on to have a horrible day off the tee. He still managed to scrape together a round of two under par, missing the cut by two.


Ollie won’t be advancing to the next phase of the FedEx Cup playoffs next week. His season is over. Is it due to “no hat guy”? It’s not fair to make that claim but it certainly didn’t help his chances. Golf is hard but it shouldn’t be hard because of spectators.


Go home,  “get in the hole guy”.