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3 Up Golf, once known as a purveyor of golf balls, is back in business. Our old website contained a dedicated section, to teach golfers the process of creating their own golf yardage book. Golfers from around the world watched the tutorial videos, learned how to create a basic yardage book, and took their creation out to the course to shoot lower scores. Digging into my Google Analytics logs, the tutorials were especially popular with golfers from Reddit Golf, GolfWRX, and other online golf communities,

After 3 Up Golf stopped selling golf balls, the yardage book tutorials remained alive on YouTube and I continued to receive questions from creators via email. Some old 3 Up Customers even called to inquire about bringing a website back, dedicated to just golf yardage books. Today, I’m happy to announce that is exactly what has happened.

3UpGolf.com is now your online home for golf yardage book creators. I’ve re-recorded the tutorials, broken them down into shorter videos, and added plenty of new content. Our tutorials ensure that you create professional quality yardage books. We’re not talking about pencil scribbles on scrap paper here, folks.

What Makes A Great Golf Yardage Book?

Yardage books serve a few key purposes for golfers:

  • Tee shot landing area distance measurements
  • Call out targets (to both aim at and those to avoid)
  • Approach shot distance measurement
  • Precise measurements for green complex

A lot of yardage books you buy in a pro shop have some, but not all, of those features. The most important feature of any yardage book is simple: the ability to take notes. An approach shot plays 1/2 club uphill, subtle breaks on the green, what line you want to play off the tee, certain areas on the fairway to avoid – there are countless notes that you can make in your own book. Pro shop yardage books are covered with images, or printed on glossy paper, making it difficult to write on. Your yardage book isn’t a read-only document: it’s a highly detailed notebook!

Video TutorialsGolf Yardage Book Video Tutorials

Our video tutorial series will guide you through each phase of creating a golf yardage book. Starting with learning how to use the software, to mapping out each hole, to adding detail such as trees, hazards, and even a green grid. These video guides mimic exactly how I make my books every preseason before competitive golf arrives here in New England. With over 20 videos in the library (and more being added) you’ll be well on your way to creating professional level golf yardage books.

The video library vault doors are still open! As members have questions and suggestions, I’ll continue to update the library based on your feedback. An exciting aspect of working with a members-only community is that you’re just as into this hobby as I am!

Members-Only Forums

In addition to the video tutorials, a members-only forum exists to help creators. Ask question about video areas you may be having trouble with, get suggestion on how to map a tricky part of the golf course, or simply show off your new yardage book.

TemplatesGolf Yardage Book Template

Members also get access to pre-built templates. Our new templates allow for easier editing, and for creators to take advantage of double-sided printer functionality. I’ve taken care of applying guidelines for margin handling as well as cutting. The pre-built also comes with a library of widgets for you to use when designing your yardage book. Don’t waste your time drawing circles and triangles – get to the fun stuff!

Coming Soon…

Did I mention that the tutorial series, forums, and templates are just the first perk for members? Soon, 3 Up Golf will be the online destination for golf yardage books from around the world. Creators will be able to upload, and sell, yardage books they’ve created. Stay tuned for more announcements on that platform as we get closer to our beta testing period.

Costs Less Than A Dozen “Premium” Golf Balls

Included in your one-time purchase are: the yardage book tutorial video series, members-only forum access, and template files. This is not a subscription service. When new content is added to site, you’ll receive it free of charge. Being the type of guy who likes to bring a good value to the table, it made sense to keep things affordable.

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